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Facts Reported About our Homeless Neighbors 2011
Below photo taken on 2/26/2012 at 1603 N. Florida ave. Tampa 
Our homeless population not knowing where to go for help.
The Homeless Coalition of Hillsborough County's 2011 homeless count in Hillsborough County, conducted on January 27, 2011, found:
  • 17,755* men, women and children are homeless in Hillsborough County on any given night
7,336 are living on the streets, shelters and/or other places not meant for human habitation
10,424 are living doubled up with family and friends because of loss of housing and/or economic hardship 
  •  23 percent are children
  •  65 percent are male; 35 percent are female
  •  44 percent are Caucasian
  •  55 percent are African-American
  •  14 percent are Latino
  •  5 percent are veterans**
  •  65 percent have a source of income
  •  Of the 65 percent with income, the top five income sources reported are:
SSI/SSDI (19%)
Employment (17%)
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (11%)
Unemployment Compensation (8%)
Panhandling (7%)
  •  35 percent have a disability
  •  90 percent were residing in Florida at the time they became homeless
  •  51 percent are experiencing homelessness for the first time
  •  16.5 percent have been homeless at 4 or more times
  • The Hillsborough County Public Schools reported there were 3,109 homeless students enrolled on the day of the 2011 homeless count.
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